Why You're Failing At Online Shopping.

Why You're Failing At Online Shopping.

How to Order Clothes Online that Fit and Flatter. 
The Sizing Solution for Women who Shop Online and Hate Returns.

If you love a cute find or a snatch deal there is no better way to shop than online. Unfortunately, most of us struggle with buying clothes before trying them on. A size chart does not give you the full picture, and unless you are built like a model it is hard to picture how it will look on your body shape. 

We know it may seem impossible but if you use the following tips we think you will find that you can hack the fit code and confidently buy items that fit you just right!

TIP 1: Know Your Measurements

Using a Size Chart

The most common tip we hear is to refer to the size chart. This can be a useful tool but you need to take your measurements correctly. There is a lot of information online but we love how    breaks it down in her article, Online Shopping 101: How to Take Your Measurements.

Measure your Clothes

Measuring your body is important for fitted clothing but for relaxed pieces, we think it helps to measure the clothes you already have and love. Find that comfy sweater or those go-to jeans and use them to grow your wardrobe with perfect pieces!

Tip 2 Check the Stretch 

Whenever possible, look for the material or an indicator of stretch. If you have an hourglass or athletic shape this will not be as important. If you have an inverted triangle or a pear shape you may appreciate some stretch in the larger portions of your shape. I used to feel like my pear shape meant I had to choose between our top or bottom size. However, some stretch can make a piece work for your whole figure. If the chart doesn't mention the piece's stretch range you can look at the material for context. 

  • Spandex Blends:
    Spandex is very stretchy but not used often on its own. Clothing makers mix spandex with other materials because it can lend up to 20% of its elasticity to the coupled fiber. 
  • Knits:
    Knits tend to be a two-way stretch but are still widely used for sewing clothes. Knit fabrics can be found in everyday articles of clothing, such as socks and hats.
  • An elastic synthetic fiber, also known as Lycra.
    Stronger than rubber, Elastane fabric is made of natural and synthetic fibers to provide stretch and recovery. Just like spandex, Lycra can be mixed with other materials to lend up to 20% of its elasticity.

TIP 3: Know your Shape 
(If you don't know your shape take our quiz!)

Listen. We are absolutely on team wear whatever the hell you want and we don't want to limit you to anything. BUT! Knowing your shape can help you judge how a piece will fit you compared to the model pictured. 

When you are looking at an item it really helps to compare the model's body type to your own. For instance, if you are a pear shape and the model has an hourglass frame you would want to look at how it fits her hips and shoulders. 

Example of using your shape to shop!
In this picture, the shoulders are fitted and the shape is square. 
A pear shape will be a size smaller on top compared to its bottom.
Pears often have to choose between fitting the hips or the shoulders.
This information helps us decide a few things for this top:

  • The shoulders on this top will need to fit correctly so sizing up for hips won't work. 
  • There is no flare on the hips. Depending on its stretch factor you may not be able to fit your shoulders correctly and get the top over your hips. 
  • That means we need to look at the stretch of the material and our comfort level when wearing a top tight on your hips and tummy. 
  • This top is made of 65%Polyester+30%Viscose+5%Elastane.
  • Our stretchy material information (Tip #2) tells us that Elastane will make this top 20% more stretchy and the size chart notes that the top has a medium stretch.

With that information, you can confidently decide to use your shoulder measurements to size the top and count on the top going over your hips.
If you are ok with a tighter fit on the hips then this top is a win for you! 

Ribbed Top

TIP 4: Don't worry about trends

Trends are super fun but they are fleeting. Trying to go full trend every time one pops up can leave your head spinning and your pockets empty. The one fashion tip that will never go out of style is to wear what fits you like a glove and make you feel hot! 

The Boho trend was terrible for me! The flowy sleeves, unstructured cuts, and patterns all made me feel like a potato sack wearing curtains. I loved the look in the photos and on other gorgeous ladies but for me, boho was a hell no. It honestly made any shopping hard. Every store I loved was full of things I was avoiding. This year's boho western look brought back a lot of the same issues.

I started seeking out advice on how to make it work and overwhelmingly I found the same advice. Take what you like from the trend and integrate it with your best pieces! 

For example:

The first look is a western boho dress and bag, but she pairs it with a solid color cardigan and belt. The solid color is perfect for shapes that like to avoid large patterns on top, and the belt provides waist-defining for those of us who like a more structured look.

The jean jacket? Classic and pretty much flattering for all, but that boho western beading is totally on-trend.

Don't want to invest in any big pieces with a trend you don't love? Hit your classics with some on-trend accessories! The last look includes a versatile and classic baby doll dress. A basic piece on its own, but add a felt hat, a boho western necklace, and some boots, and you're nailing the look!

 plus size bohemian style brands




Tip 5: 

I am sure you've heard it. "Confidence is the Sexiest thing you can wear." It's absolutely true, but not natural to all of us. I love the movement for body positivity, but it also brings new pressure. If I am not confident in a short dress or showing my arms now I am ashamed of that!

Our advice is to play with trends and new pieces but only wear what makes you feel good. Make your own signature style, if you love sweaters with cats on them wear them every damn day. You only wear black? Rock it at Christmas or when everyone else is wearing flannel rock all black at the pumpkin patch.

In the end, the joy you show wearing that feel-good look you love will be the hottest thing you could ever wear. We can't wait to see what you choose. 






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