Shop for shoes online confidently A guide to measuring your feet

Buy Shoes Online that Actually Fit. Four Easy Steps for Measuring Feet. (Without a Ruler)

You've been there. You finally get those shoes in the mail. The ones you've been anxiously waiting for, planning outfits with, the ones that would have been perfect last weekend. Then you slide your feet in to find they are either too big  or so tight they go on like your high school jeans.

I know I know there was a size chart... Who has time to dig through their junk drawer, and where do you even measure? That's why we scoured the internet (googled a few things) to find an easy way to get your measurements right every time.

Step One: Trace your foot
Use a piece of white copy/printer paper
Do your best to keep your pencil at 90°
If you can, ask someone else to do it.

Step Two: Measure Foot Length & Width

Draw a line from the tip of your longest toe
To the farthest point of your heel.

Now draw a line from the widest sides of your feet.

Step Three: Measure your Tracing
Go to and use their accurate online calculator.
No need to adjust, this ruler finds the size of your screen and adjusts for you!
Hold your paper with the traced foot against the screen and measure.

Step Four: Convert to inches & CM
Shoe charts typically come in two measurements, inches & centimeters.
It helps to know both of your measurements.
Visit to get both measurements.

Voila! Your an online shoe buying machine and shoe sizing disappointments have become a distant memory. 

Happy Shopping!


(P.S. There is a chance that you will run into a company that doesn't use an accurate size chart. If this happens you are fully within your rights to request a refund or exchange with shipping paid by the company. Visit to read all of your rights and tips for safe online shopping.)

Photos used for steps 1,2,3 were taken by Alpine Swiss 2021 "How to measure your feet"

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